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Hairline Reconstruction

Hairline Reconstruction Surgery?

The most potential techniques for hairline reconstruction surgery include the following:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - The scalp is made numb with the help of local anesthesia. The grafts are extracted from the posterior parts of the scalp or chest or beard which are known as the donor areas. These grafts are then implanted on the targeted areas to restore the frontal hairline. FUE is one of the most useful techniques which do not cause pain or scar and have small recovery time.


It is essential to take the treatment from experienced hair transplant surgeons to get natural looking hairline. Hairline reconstruction surgery requires an artistic approach for a customized result based on face cut, age, and ethnicity. The hair doctors at Minnerva Clinic lucknow  are skilled, competent and have a good experience with greater insight in hair transplant surgery. Therefore, to get the most promising result, choosing Minnerva clinic  is the best option.


More often than not, we fail to realize the earliest sign of ageing and hair loss i.e. the hairline. We talk about wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin but it is the receding and out of shape hairline that actually makes you look aged before time. The hairline frames our face adds a definition from the temples to the face at the top.

Men and women with receding hairline attempt to do many things such as combing their hair forward, or getting them cut in bangs (women) or simply try to use makeup to get cover the receding hairline. But these solutions usually don’t work and anybody can make out that you are attempting to disguise the balding and you end up feeling embarrassed about the balding areas. Hairline reconstruction treatment in India can help you get the ideal hairline to suit your age and face type. A healthy frontal hairline is the single most important feature that can make your face look ageless.  The hairline speaks a lot about our attractiveness and vitality.

Hairline reconstruction is a facial art and requires a deep knowledge of the artistic and cosmetic impact of the facial frontal zone. A thoughtfully planned and done hairline reconstruction surgery can immediately enhance your appearance and make it more aesthetically appropriate. The actual hairline is counted as one of the benchmarks for measuring the success of hair transplantation surgery. 

Hairline reconstruction surgery in India is not just about filling in the receding hairline it is also about getting the ‘frame ‘right. Every person’s hairline is different and plays an important role in how they look and how they feel about themselves and our expert hair transplant surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics understand this impact very well and work with the patient’s accordingly.

Types of Hairlines

  • Low hairlines: This type of hairline is very common when we are young but some people have genetically low hairlines and their hairline appears close to the eyebrows and the forehead appears very small.

  • Middle Hairline: This type of hairline is considered the most common and preferred type of hairline for men and women. It is easy to create different types of hairstyles with this type of hairline. The forehead does not look too broad or too small.

  • Widow’s peak: This type of hairline appears in ‘V’ or ‘M’ shaped and it leads to a heart shaped face. Hair recession usually takes places on the sides of the pointed portion of the V.

  • Rounded hairline: This is considered to be the most beautiful of hairlines as it does not show the effects of loss of hair volume.

Planning the Hairline

The most important part of hair restoration is planning the hairline.  The hairline reconstruction surgery in India is done in such a way that it suits the best for the patient. Hairline reconstruction needs to be done in such a way that the hairline is neither too low nor too high.  Top hair restoration surgeons take into consideration the following major points during consultation: 

  • The age of the patient: A rounded hairline does not suit a man in his 40s and a young man suffering from premature baldness will not benefit from high hairline.

  • The expectations of the patient: Most men want to get a low hairline because they believe that it gives them a more rugged appearance but it does not work that way. The surgeon and the patient need to work together when planning the hairline.

  • General health: Patient’s health i.e. a patient with sound health and no chronic conditions is an ideal candidate for hairline restoration.

  • The cause of hair fall: Hairline reconstruction experts investigate the cause of the hair fall before suggesting a treatment. If you suffer from a chronic condition that causes hair fall and then hairline restoration might not work for you.

  • Donor hair limits: When designing the hairline the surgeon will also take into account the availability of the number of donor hair on the scalp. Hairline reconstruction must be done in such a way that the final aesthetic appearance looks as natural as intended.

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